The Types of Home Heating Systems

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When you’re looking for the perfect home for you among the Tampa homes for sale, you would certainly want to check every little detail of the house, including the heating system. Here’s a list of the different types of home heating systems that you might encounter:

1. Furnace – works by drawing air from the home, taking it into some area in a ductwork system to warm it and then delivers it back. It helps get rid of dust and various kinds of particles in the home as the drawn air passes through a filter. Some of the newer furnaces have blowers used to recirculate the air. Furnaces can be fueled by any of the following:

- Gas
- Electricity
- Oil
- Coal
- Wood

2. Radiant Baseboard Heat – is a type of heating system that is usually seen as long metal units that contain electrical elements. Every unit can be controlled individually; the controls may be marked from low to high, however, the current temperature of the room is not shown. Radiant baseboard heaters can be used as the sole heat source in a home or may be used as an additional source in cooler parts of the house. Generally, these cost more to operate compared to the traditional furnace.

3. Electric Heat Pump – works by mixing up heat from one area to another. It gets warmth from the air outside, surface or ground water, or the earth, and then circulates the air in the house. If necessary, the system may warm the air more. You will see the same filters and metal vents used in furnaces. In times when the weather is warm, electric heat pumps may also function as air conditioners.

4. Radiant Heat System – warms objects like the way the sun does it and there are no blowers used. These units are normally installed in ceilings or floors, but it may also be set up on walls, but it’s not that common. Every room has a control that looks the same as the one used in a baseboard heat system. There is a type of radiant heat that uses hot water that flow through pipes or units that are similar to a baseboard heater; this is called hydronic heating system. It has a boiler used to warm the water.

These are just some of the many types of heating systems used in homes. It’s advisable to ask a professional inspector about all the available heating appliances in Tampa real estate.

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